Pioneers of the New Romantic movement, the synth pop group Visage emerged in 1978 from the London club Blitz, a neo-glam nightspot which stood in stark contrast to the prevailing punk mentality of the moment. Spearheading Blitz's ultra-chic clientele were Steve Strange and DJ Rusty Egan, one time drummer with the Rich Kids. Steve Strange working with Rusty Egan and another Rich Kids alum, guitarist Midge Ure recorded music that would fit into the sound of the Blitz. In late 1978 they recorded a demo which yielded the first Visage single, an aptly futuristic cover of Zager & Evans' 'In the Year 2525'.

Their breakthrough track "Fade To Grey" became a European hit and reached number 1 in eight countries in 1980. The band then enjoyed a series of hit singles "Mind Of A Toy", "Night Train" and "The Anvil" coming from a pair genre defying albums, the eponymous "Visage" in 1980 and "The Anvil" in 1982. In 1981 Ultravox now led by Midge Ure took off and in 1982 Midge and Billy left to concentrate on what would become one of the biggest bands of the 80's, Ultravox. In 1984 Visage made their 3rd album "Beatboy". As the public face of the band Steve Strange shot to stardom throughout Europe he continued to be active in hosting club nights (The Camden Palace, Club For Heroes) and in the fashion world. In 2013 Visage returned with their 4th album "Hearts And Knives. The album was extremely well received by critics and fans alike. The band then began a year promoting and performing comeback album 'Hearts And Knives'. The band performed a string of live dates across Europe and Japan. A total of 5 singles were released from the Album. In 2014 the band performed with the Prague Symphony and Czech Synthosymphonica Orchestras. The resulting "Orchestral" album featured expansive orchestral arrangements of their classic tracks which the synthesiser sounds Visage is known for blended with expansive strings, woodwinds and brass arrangements.

The 5th and final Visage album was released in Autumn 2015.

  • Visage

    VISAGE (1980)

    Visage is the eponymous debut studio album. It was recorded at Genetic Sound Studios in Reading, Berkshire and released by Polydor Records on 10 November 1980.

    The album reached No. 13 in the UK and was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry in March 1981. It features the hit single "Fade to Grey", which reached No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart and Top 10 positions in Europe, including No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland. It also contained the singles "Mind Of A Toy" and "Visage"

  • The Anvil

    THE ANVIL (1982)

    The bands second album The Anvil album reached No. 6 in the UK and was certified "Silver" by the British Phonographic Industry in April 1982.

    The album is named after a New York's gay club of the same name. The album contained the singles "The Dammed Don't Cry", "Night Train".

    Not featured on this album but released shortly afterwards was the single "Pleasure Boys".

  • Beat Boy

    BEAT BOY (1984)

    The bands third album "Beatboy" was recorded at Trident Studios between 1982 and 1983.

    It was finally released on Polydor Records in October 1984.

    It reached No. 79 on the UK album chart. The album featured the singles "Love Glove" and "Beatboy".

  • Hearts And Knives


    The fourth album from New Romantic founding fathers and pioneers of the 80's sound. Featuring new members Robin Simon (ex Ultravox guitarist) and Lauren Duvall. Contributions from Mick MacNeil (Simple Minds), Dave Formula (Magazine, Visage) And Youth (Killing Joke). The album had a total of six signles released from it

  • Orchestral

    ORCHESTRAL (2014)

    An Album of the Visage hits re-recorded with the Prague Philharmonic & other Orchestras.

    Including a new 7 minute version of Fade To Grey (also released as a single)