History has always had its golden moments of change and by 1978 in the UK, this took on the form of a new movement of style, one that was to eclipse the grand dame of punks Vivienne Westwood' and her then partner Malcolm Maclaren's movement. This was another group independent free spirited 18 to 20 year olds, with their multi coloured hairdos teamed with clothes statement's of their own creation or made by their imaginative friends. This collective energy force was to turn London's music, fashion, art and finance head in a spin.

Steve Strange in 1980 They chose to shun the excepted norm and took fashion to reflect their visual political statement and it was worn all day & everyday, on public transport and to the supermarket. At night, these changelings came into their own, having a natural platform to express themselves every Tuesday night, at The BLITZ CLUB, spearheaded by their contemporary's and the nights host STEVE STRANGE. At the club, this body of creative minds would strived to create ideas that would move the bench mark in the world of art, music, fashion, finance and everyday living, as it was then. Like mind people would merge and listen to electronic inspired music, played by STEVE's then business partner in crime DJ/Producer RUSTY EGAN. Under the eagle eye of Mr Strange, the door policy that night was so strict, Steve vetted people at the door, to ensure the melting pot was perfect. And for new designers, STEVEN would champion their work, from Judith Franklin spectacular black taffeta evening wear, to Melissa Caplan checked steel grey and cafe o lay tabards over her tailored slate grey trousers, to Willy Brown's muted stone or royal blue cotton drill suits and pants in paired down military uniform look, to must have W/Browns 90% grey marled pants-that David Bowie bought, to Darla Jane Gilroy's triangular suede studded collars and cuffs in tan with gold studs or her black with silver, that were more akin to Japanese warriors in 1980's movie Kagamusha and sold to one of the best stores in the world "Maxfield" in LA when she was still a student, and PX New Romantics destination store, where Helen Robinson designer star was manager Rosemary Turner, Rosemary was on hand to keep STEVE in the loop on PX fine cotton cross over tops and trousers, (these items become New Romantic signature pieces after the MR S STRANGE had worn them), downstairs of PX housed milliner Stephen Jones now super star in the fashion world. Mr Jones superb head gear, was worn by Kim Bowen-now top stylist in LA and was then Stephen's muse, girl about town & part time sales gal.

Text By Stephen Mahoney, Media Consultant and Fashion Editor



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