The Steve Strange Statue Fund

The Steve Strange Collective is pleased to announce it is in discussions with local council organizations to establish a site for a site for a Bronze Statue of New Romantic style, music and fashion icon Steve Strange. Steve Strange died prematurely in 2015. Welsh sculptor Nick Elphick has been retained to create the work. The statue will act as permanent reminder to Steve's Life.

An appeal has been launched to help fund the statue with the Just Giving Charity Fundraising Site. The appeal has been organized by the Steve Strange Collective and headed by Gill Harrington (Steve's Mother), Tanya Harrington (Steve's Sister) and Amanda Lloyd (Steve's PA). All funds will go towards the statue fund and everyone involved is working for free and not receiving any personal recompense.

Please, please if Steve Strange or his life and music meant something to you, please help us build a last memorial to his life by donating what you can.

A memorial wall has been set up at the Just Giving site. Fans and friends are heartily encouraged to write what Steve Strange meant to them.


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