Steve Strange

Steve (Stephen John Harrington) was born on the 28th May 1959 in South Wales. His life changed in when he saw the Sex Pistols at the Stowaway Club in Newport in 1976. After befriending Glen Matlock, Billy Idol and Jean-Jaques Burnel he was persuaded to move to London to work for Malcolm McClaren.

Taking on the name "Steve Strange" he briefly fronted the band "The Photons". Steve became a feature on the London club circuit and after repeated meetings with Rusty Egan, the pair began hosting club nights. These started at Billy's in Soho (1979) but soon progressed to the "Blitz Club". Sometimes referred to as the "Cradle of the New Romantic movement" the Blitz Club became the most marvellous collection of the weird and wonderful people but also birthplace of bands, styles and fashions of the 80s.

Steve formed Visage with Midge Ure and Rusty Egan (the pair where band mates from "The Rich Kids") in 1978. As the public face of the band Steve shot to stardom throughout Europe as Visage enjoyed a series of hit singles.

Steve appeared in David Bowies video "Ashes to Ashes" an appearance which helped propel the New Romantic look into the mainstream.

In 1984 with Visage on hold Steve returned to hosting club nights (such as Club For Heroes and the Camden Palace).

Steve appeared on TV regularly (Celebrity Scissorhands, Pop Goes The Band, Ashes To Ashes and regular slots on the TV news). The 2013 Visage comeback album "Hearts and Knives" received critical acclaim and throughout 2013 and 2014 Visage did their first live gigs throughout Europe and Japan.

Steve died of Heart Failure on 12th Feb 2015 in Sharm El Shaik in Egypt.